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We align people & technology to help companies achieve a seamless digital transformation initiative.

We offer precision & impactful IT related services on a variety of service models.

We often enter into SLAs with our clients. We co-create the definitions of any given SLA that define the level of services and deliverables expected as it pertains to what they will receive. Typical approaches to pricing are fixed-fee and paid for deliverables but take the form of pricing based on time increments, e.g., on a monthly basis. Fees can be altered to accommodate changes in scope. SLAs and MSAs, defined below, can be combined to form a hybrid delivery model.

There are also times when a client asks us to manage, nearshore or onsite, a component of a their IT infrastructure, end-user systems, or work group, typically on a proactive basis as if though we were an internal department. This model differs from SLAs in that SLAs are output and performance driven and Component Outsourcing address the management of people. Typical approaches to pricing include per-number of resource and all-inclusive monthly pricing.

SLAs and Component Outsourcing arrangements can be combined to form a hybrid services delivery model.

T&M is an engagement model in which our clients pay only for time and resources spent on a given assignment or project. Many clients supporting projects or processes that require agility prefer the flexibility of this model. Since there is no SLA under this approach, project goals and objectives are owned by the client, and therefore direct LinkAmerica Nearshore resources as required. When situations and projects demand flexibility, T&M can be the right arrangement versus a fixed price model.

Our distributed hub-and-spoke network of COEs in North, Central and South America allow us to provide our clients a variety of delivery and cost-effective solutions—whether engaged in an SLA, Component Outsourcing, or T&M service type. Our Hybrid model is gaining more popularity, since it allows more control over projects, initiatives and services, while creating cost-efficiencies and flexibility, instead of taking an educated guess at eventual expenses and high probability of additional changes. Many of our customers like to take advantage of our unique ability to perform work in one of our nearshore COEs and simultaneously have other resources required onsite. In such cases, our Hybrid services type is a perfectly blended approach.

Centers of Excellence

For 10 plus years we have built and operated Service Centers of Excellence in Latin America, growing from our pilot Network Design Solution Center (the first Latin American outsourced customer-facing center) to 10 SCoEs covering a diverse range of technical services and project support.

The Service Centers of Excellence provide clients with multiple services such as post-sales deal and contract management, project management, pre-sales network design, pre and pos-sales WANx support, Life Cycle Management, UC day 2 support, and Project Management. All with superior CSAT scores, an excellent customer experience track record, and exceptionally low staff attrition.

Pre-sales engineering and network design team with Multi-vendor support (e.g. Cisco, Polycom, Adtran, Tandberg, Juniper, ShoreTel). Responsible for all technical deliverables including BOM (Bill of Materials), SOW (Scope of Work) and network diagrams on world-class tools like Vizio and Netformix. Directly engaged with sales executives and customers. Regularly present in multi-million-dollar designs and RFP responses for signature customers.

The WANx team main role is to provide technical consultations for overall technical architecture / high level design. The team produces technical assurance and design documents that cover costs, BOMs, and SOWs. Team members extensively interact with major service providers labs and 3rd Party Vendors to develop detailed solutions and certifications. They also engage required technical product COE’s to design, cost, and assure custom solutions. Other responsibilities include to assess technical feasibility and mitigate technical risk for presales opportunities. To establish, conduct, and lead design meetings with impacted partners (Product, Labs, Technical Product COE’s, Manufacturers) to review and approve complex technical designs.

Service Project Management group solves communication gaps between sales, technicians, and final customers.

Our team works so that business sellers can have more time for selling; they take care of contracts, and SPM move the orders into the installation. SPM confirms and corrects the orders information, push the order through the different departments to complete the installation fast and flowless. Creating rapport with customers and sellers.

The customer receives the main point of contact to obtain a personalized service, avoiding the unbearable call centers that make you repeat yourself on every call or representative.

The technician will have the security that they will contact the proper person, installing the proper product in the correct place. And in case of doubt, they can call the FPM for directions.


Managed Services

LinkAmerica Nearshore is the Managed Service solution expert. We combine our expertise with the world’s leading technologies across applications, data, and systems pro-active monitoring to deliver end-to-end solutions. As technology continues to involve, our clients can rely on us.


Internet of Things

The future of our connected world in now. LinkAmerica Nearshore powers sustainable solutions through collaboration, innovation, and value co-creation. We deploy and manage IoT Networks and Solutions across all Latin America. The Internet of Things delivers the data to innovate asset management, remote metering, optimize precision agriculture,  improve software and systems engineering, and advance your organization’s digital transformation.

We can monitor assets from anywhere, anytime from any type of mobile device.


      • It combines the power of cutting edge IoT Technologies with cost-efficient hardware tags to enable monitoring and control of your assets with in indoor locations; using intuitive &user-friendly 3D Map representations of your facilities.
      • The solution is easily adaptable to any type of space or buildings from warehouses, sports facilities, office spaces or manufacturing facilities. As well as, any type of verticals from Health, Retail, Real Estate or Aviation.

The Smart Farming provides to the agricultural industry the infrastructure to leverage advanced technology providing valuable knowledge and insights, thus influencing the decision making to increase the production and the overall results of this industry.

      • Guarantee a reliable & long range real-time data from farms fields – With precise and autonomous devices.
      • Guarantee a reliable & long range real-time data from farms fields – With precise and autonomous devices.
      • Increase coverage and porosity of measurements – With low cost, self powered tools.
      • Provide an easy to install IoT toolset than can be deployed in minutes.

With our Smart Metering Solutions for utilities and energy, we support the organizations to streamline their operations and gain complete, real-time visibility of their entire grid with the latest in IoT technology.

      • Data precision, lower operational cost, better service offering and new revenue streams.
      • Data precision, lower operational cost, better service offering and new revenue streams.
      • Cost reduction on-site meter readings and cut down on unnecessary maintenance visits.
      • Monitor water supply remotely, survey electrical poles, and even read the level of storage tanks remotely in real time.

Cyber Security

With a trusted history of success and innovation, you can trust us with the safety and reputation of your company. Our adept and experienced team knows the ever-evolving world of cyber security backwards and forwards.

Vulnerability assessments involve reviewing your website and company servers for potential security problems. This data is then organized and ranked according to severity. The process allows cybersecurity professionals to identify and deal with threats before they do serious damage to your network.

Vulnerability assessments also prevent more obvious problems, like default and weak admin passwords and flimsy authentication and login methods.

DDoS is “distributed denial of service,” and it’s an attack that tries to disrupt your servers’ normal function by overloading it with illegitimate traffic.

This form of cyber-attack is common, with over 8.4 million DDoS instances in 2019 alone, and financially damaging. A recent study by Kaspersky Lab found that a single attack can cost a business about $1.6 million. As such, it’s important to keep your business protected from these instances with a managed DDoS protection service.

Learn how DDoS attacks work and how to protect your business against them.

LinkAmerica Nearshore SDN ON Prem, offers the administration of the service, in the client’s infrastructure. Providing integration services and after-sales support, offering greater control.


Software Defined Networking

LinkAmerica Nearshore Software-Defined Networking (SDN) is a network architecture approach that enables the network to be intelligently and centrally controlled, or ‘programmed,’ using software applications. This helps operators manage the entire network consistently and holistically, regardless of the underlying network technology.

LinkAmerica Nearshore Cloud SDN is a software-defined networking solution that provides seamless intra-datacenter connectivity for virtual and physical, workloads in a telecom cloud.

LinkAmerica Nearshore SDN ON Prem, offers the administration of the service, in the client’s infrastructure. Providing integration services and after-sales support, offering greater control.

LinkAmerica Nearshore Hybrid SDN (software-defined network) is a network where both traditional networking and SDN protocols operate in the same environment. A hybrid SDN allows  to introduce new SDN technologies like OpenFlow to legacy environments without a complete overhaul of the network architecture.

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