Our Business Continuity Plan

LinkAmerica Nearshore manages its risks by implementing processes that allow their elimination or mitigation. These have been defined in action plans aimed at guaranteeing business continuity in the face of various catastrophic circumstances classified according to their impact and probability of occurrence. 

Under this perspective, LinkAmerica Nearshore has defined its Business Continuity Plan (BCP), which presents the guidelines established by the company to guarantee the availability of critical service processes without affecting customers and other interested parties. Addressing business continuity from an operational and technological vision. Additionally, LinkAmerica Nearshore has defined the Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP) for the reconstruction of the company’s IT infrastructure in the event of certain risks materializing. With the purpose of preserving the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of the information of the company, its clients, and other interested parties.

The LinkAmerica Nearshore BCP and DRP are periodically reviewed to ensure their adaptation to the organization’s context and the effective treatment of each of the risks that are detected.

We believe technology should be transformational, exponential, impactful and reliable.

10 years of continued reliable Riverbed support for a Fortune 500 company.

Over 200 sites with more than 300 appliances including Steelheads, Interceptors Steelhead Mobile Controllers and CMCs. the WAN Optimization deployment is currently undergoing yet another transformation with the customer renewing some of their existing equipment that moving towards the “End of Life” with newer more powerful and cutting edge CX Appliances.With over 10 years of continuous support by a total of 3 of our most senior Engineers, the solution that started back in 2010 continues to grow, evolve and renew itself.

Our Engineers William Sullivant, Christian Peña and now Jonathan Chaverri have assisted the customer on all aspects of the deployment/solution. From the initial BOM and design to a more complex and scaled up implementation Worldwide.

Enabling telecom sales across america for an industry leader.

Our center of excellence group solves communication gaps between sales, technicians, and final customers so that our clients business sellers can have more time for selling; they take care of contracts, and the move the orders into the installation. COE confirms and corrects the orders information, push the order through the different departments to complete the installation fast and flawless. Creating rapport with customers and sellers.

The customer receives the main point of contact to obtain a personalized service, avoiding the unbearable call centers that make sellers repeat themselves on every call.

The technician will have the security that they will contact the proper person, installing the proper product in the correct place. And in case of doubt, they call the COE for directions.

Over the years this competitive advantage has reduced cancellation rates and secured millions of revenue realization for our client all across america.

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